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I draw on my love for the beauty of light interacting with porcelain and my veneration of vast landscapes to create luminous works of art. My work is ripe for wonder. Wonder provides a direct connection to our primal spirituality, which so often gets buried in our busy, minutiae-filled lives. The goal of my work is to re-awaken in viewers the inherent need we all harbor to feel part of a larger whole - and then provide sustenance for this need.

Though I am willing to use many processes and media to achieve my artistic goals, I specialize in translucent porcelain. Like many others throughout history who have been seduced by porcelain's thrall, I relish the challenge of transforming "dirt" into a material so translucent one can easily discern color through it. I have spent countless hours researching the chemical analysis of each ingredient in my clay body, developing new methods to slip cast ultra thin panels and vessel walls, and carefully documenting each kiln that is fired. I have studied the material to such an extent, and my love for it is so transparent, that one of my good friends calls me a Porcelain Junkie. I own the title proudly!

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